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Credit Card Security

30 November 2018

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There have recently been several reports of stolen credit card details being used to purchase goods in-store. The offenders will distract staff after the amount has been entered into the card payment device and then key in the stolen card details rather than using the chip and PIN facility. If staff do not check the signature that is then requested, the offender is able to leave the premises with the fraudulently obtained goods. Please use the following advice to reduce the risk of fraud occurring.

  • Most cards use chip and PIN technology so be especially vigilant if a request for a signature is made.
  • If a signature is requested, check that the printed receipt does not say ‘keyed’ on it. ‘Keyed’ indicates that the number has been manually entered which the customer should never have reason to do, especially if they have the card in their possession.
  • If a signature is requested, ensure that the signature provided is checked against the card. Also check that the card provided for signature comparison is the one used to make the transaction by cross checking the 16 digit number.
  • Be alert to customers taking longer than normal to enter a PIN or any attempt to distract you when the PIN is being entered. Keep the card payment device in sight at all times.