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Culford Kiosk

18 June 2019

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Culford residents may have noticed that the telephone box is now empty

The phone box has been purchased and is now managed by the Parish Council and Clr Salt has been lucky enough to be selected to push the project forward. We plan to add a book swap, a notice board with information about defibrillators, local walks and activities etc. It will of course still function as a bus shelter when it rains - but maybe a bit more to see and do whilst you're in there!

We’d also like to include some images of the village over the years, and that's where residents come in. If anyone has any photographs she could use please could you let her know on rachaelsalt@outlook.com (She won't take your originals – she’ll simply scan them and return them immediately). The plan is that we either put the scans up on the notice board or I we’lll put an album together that can be secured. If there's a story behind the image then we’d love to hear about that too! Could we become Suffolk's smallest tourist attraction?

In addition if you have a business in the village you'd like to advertise, or you would like to have anything displayed in the phone box then please drop her a line.